How do I sync with multiple company files?


Connex only allows one user per company file. If you have two companies, each one must have a unique user name.

How do I create unique users?

The first file already has a unique name. In this example, company file A has a user called You need to add a user to the second one:

  1. Login to your second company file.
  2. Add a new user with a unique email. In this example, we will add
  3. Add the user to the company administrators role.

How do I pair the second file?

Close your browser completely. Login to Connex with the second user, which is When prompted, pair your second file. At the my connections page, add your connection.

What is the pricing?

Our activation fee is only assessed once, so if your plan only allows a single connection you must upgrade it. Login to your other connection. Go to account and click upgrade plan. Go up to the next tier. Close your browser. Login as the other user. 

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