How does Connex handle refunds?

How do I configure refunds?

Out of box, Connex is preconfigured to sync credit notes. To configure settings, click submit at my connections. On the configure page, click the advanced tab. Here are the settings:

Name Function
Create Xero Credit Notes Connex creates credit notes.
Create Original Order Default behavior. If Connex has a cancelled order with no match, Connex will sync the original order and create a refund for it. You cannot cancel an order without a matching order.
Make Cash Refund At the bottom of credit notes, Connex creates a cash refund.
Use Credit to Give Refund Bank Account At the bottom of credit notes, this is the account receiving the refund.
Refund Income Account On credit memos, this adjusts the income account for items. By default, Connex uses the income account associated with the items refunded. If you want to use a contra-income account for refunds, adjust this drop down.

How Does Connex Handle Refunds?

The system will make a credit note for any cancelled order.

  • If you cancel or refund an order in your order management system, our product receives the order.
  • Connex tries to match the order number to an existing order in Xero.
  • If Connex succeeds, then the refund is created. Otherwise, the system skips making the refund. If there is no matching order, there is nothing to cancel.

Make Cash Refund

Credit notes have no payments by default. You must select make cash refund under the Connex advanced tab. Here is a screenshot of a refund with a cash refund. Here is a credit note with no payment.

Can I change the income account on refunds?

Yes, there are two ways:

Change SKU

Read this guide on changing the SKU, based on the order status. Items remain out of stock.

Change Income Account

On the Connex configure page, click the advanced tab. Under advanced refund settings, change the refund income account. Connex will change the income account associated with credit note items:

Here is the setting location:

Here is a credit note whose account has been changed:

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