How do I bulk delete orders?


Connex can schedule a bulk delete of 2500 orders at a time, based off the order date and customer name. This guide will describe the steps.

How do I perform the bulk delete?

In this example, we have imported several sales receipts into a customer called Amazon Summary by accident. We will delete all sales receipts from December 10th, 2016 to December 17th, 2016.

  1. Login to Connex
  2. At the my connections page, click configure.
  3. On the left of the configure page, click delete orders.
  4. Choose 12/1/2016 to 12/17/2016. Enter Amazon Summary as the customer name.
  5. Click preview. 
  6. Confirm these orders are the ones to delete. Click queue bulk delete.

Can I delete reconciled transactions?

No, you must create a journal entry to correct them. Talk to your Accountant or CPA.

Can I roll back a recent sync?

On the delete page, check use modified date. Orders that synced today will have today's date as the modified date, even if the order was placed last year. If you want to roll back any order created by Connex on March 10, 2017, enter 3/10/2017 to 3/11/2017 as the dates. Connex will find recently modified orders and remove them. Here is the setting:


How does it work?

Connex will create a scheduled task called bulk delete. Connex will pull the Xero transaction ID for up to 2500 orders. Cloud Cart will send ten at a time, until the list has been exhausted. Connex will log successful deletes and failures in the transaction log. Hover over the gear in Connex and click transaction log.

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