Cancellation and Support Policies

Terms of Connex for Xero

  1. You may activate a seven day trial before subscribing to our solution.
  2. You will be charged a one-time activation fee the same day as the purchase. A monthly charge will begin twenty-four hours after purchase.
  3. The monthly fee will be charged until you contact us to cancel your account. We will deactivate your sync and stop charging your card.
  4. If you have subscribed to our service and you do not use it, the fee will still be charged monthly.
  5. You will be provided set-up assistance via phone or email as part of your activation fee. This set-up service will expire 30 days after your purchase.
  6. If you upgrade Xero, upgrade your website, or change integration points, we will charge for support. Please contact JMA for current rates.
  7. If you require coding changes to make our software fit your business needs, we will work out a consultation agreement.
  8. If you exceed your yearly order limit, you will automatically be upgraded to the next tier.
  9. Our refund policy is all sales are final.


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