QuickBooks requires an item name and our software maps to the eBay SKU. If no SKU is available, the system maps to the eBay item ID. You can add eBay SKUs by reading this guide. If no product description is available, the systems maps to the product title as the order item description.


There are no files to install to integrate eBay. You will login to eBay though Cloud Cart Connector, which stores a special token with us. Here are the steps:

  1. Click on configure and sync
  2. Select eBay from the list
  3. Click the submit button
  4. Login with your eBay account
  5. Close the window
  6. Click the submit button again

Sync Inventory from QB to eBay

Connex matches the QB name field and the eBay SKU field. If there is a match, Cloud Cart will send the inventory. Cloud Cart queries recent inventory updates in QB and sends them to eBay. In your eBay user preferences, enable out of stock control so Connex can send 0 as the quantity on hand.

eBay Order Number

eBay has an order ID, which is twenty-one characters with dashes and an order number that's four or five digits. To use the order number, follow these steps:

  1. In Connex, hover over the gear and click rules engine.
  2. Click add new rule.
  3. Add this rule.

Tracking Details

You must export orders when they have shipped and include tracking details. Here are the steps:

  1. At the Connex configure page, click the order export tab.
  2. In the order status field, enter Completed.
  3. Under the advanced tab, check the box insert tracking as line item.
  4. Click save and sync.
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