Connex for Xero Security

Here are questions and answers to your security questions:

Q: Will you have access to our banking information, social security, or credit card info?

A: No, we have no access to this info. We can only access order billing, shipping line item, tax, and shipping data. For more details, view this page and click on sales receipts or invoices.

Q: Do you persist order data?

A: No, this information is held in memory only. Only your order management system persists the orders.

Q: Where is your solution hosted?

A: Our software is hosted using Microsoft Windows Azure's Cloud Solution. 

Q: Can anyone access your database?

A: Windows Azure has a firewall preventing anyone from the outside from entering the database. User password are encrypted. 

Q: How are our Xero credentials stored? 

A: These credentials are encrypted. A user would need our access keys from Intuit, which only work on the Connex for Xero, and your keys. It would be challenging to access your data from the outside.

Q: Did your software pass a third party security audit?

A: Yes, our software passed an audit before it was released. For more info, read this article.

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