How does Connex match customers?


You can easily place all orders under a single customer of your choosing.

Where do I change the setting?

Go to the configure page under the transaction tab. Change customer settings:

Customer Matching

Here are the available matches:

Customer Matching Setting Notes Example
Last Name, First Name Puts last name, first name into QuickBooks. Smith, John
First Name Last Name Puts first name last name into QuickBooks John Smith
Single Customer 'Web Store' Adds all orders under a single customer called Web Store. See single name setting to change web store to something else. Web Store
Company Name First Name Last Name Adds order underneath the company. If none exists, it tries first name last name. Microsoft
Company Name Web Store Adds order underneath the company. If none exists, the system uses Web Store. Apple
Single Customer Amazon Web Store Id Adds orders underneath a parent called Amazon Web Store followed by the first 11 characters of the order.  Amazon Web Store: 12345-12345
Store Name If using ShipStation or ShipWorks, the system adds orders underneath the order's store. Amazon
Parent:Job Last Name, First Name Adds all customers as a job of Web Store. See below to change Web Store to another name. Web Store:Smith, John

Single Name Customer Setting

When you select a single name customer mode, Cloud Cart Connector will assume that the single name is Web Store. You must tell our software to put all orders under a single customer. In this case, that customer is called ShipStation:

  1. Login to
  2. At the configure page, select single name as the customer mode.
  3. On the advanced tab > advanced customer settings, type in ShipStation as the single name customer: 
  4. Click save and sync.


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