Connex can sync open orders, on a scheduled and automatic basis, to Xero. Connex can group orders by store and currency code.


  1. Go to this URL.
  2. Sign into Linnworks.
  3. Click install.
  4. Open another browser tab and login to Connex.
  5. Select Linnworks from the my connections page.
  6. From the last step of the Linnworks install, copy the token into the my connections page of Connex:

Processed and Open Orders

Out of the box, Connex pulls processed orders into Xero. To pull open orders instead, follow these steps:

  1. On the Cloud Cart configure page, choose the order export to QB tab.
  2. Leave the order status field empty.
  3. Click save and sync.

How do I group orders by the store name and currency code?

If you sell on multiple channels and currencies, you should group orders by the store and currency. Here is an example set-up:

Amazon USD

 - Order 1

eBay GBP

 - Order 2

On the Cloud Cart configure page, select store name and currency as the customer matching mode. Connex will detect the currency code and add the orders to the store name plus the currency code.

Can I sync purchases from Linnworks to QB

This feature will be available by February, 2017. Please reach out, if you need these orders synced. Go through the Connex wizard. Click my connections and click Linnworks. On the Cloud Cart configure page, scroll down to task settings. Select sync purchases. Here is a sample PO and bill:

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